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A genealogy of the Hallett and Craswell families.

Athol and Helen

Harold's parents, Athol Craswell and Helen Stevenson, had a Holsten dairy farm in South Rustico, Prince Edward Island. They ran a successful breeding program and Athol was a respected cattle dealer. Helen also taught school for several years. They raised six children. In later years they travelled widely in Canada and abroad.

Dalton and Laura

Carole's parents, Dalton Hallett and Laura Orser, were married in 1959. They lived on the Scott Hallett homestead in Upper Brighton, New Brunswick. In 1976 they moved out of the original farmhouse which has since been removed. They built a new modern home down the hill from the original farmhouse. In later years Dalton sold the farm and worked for the Atlantic Lotto Corporation.

Miller and Frances

Harold's maternal grandparents, Miller Stevenson and Frances MacDowell, raised their five children on a farm in Fredericton, Prince Edward Island. They were committed church members, active in the community and devoted to family. They loved taking Sunday drives, as well as road trips around the maritime provinces and further afield.

Scott and Lydia

Carole's paternal grandparents, Scott Hallett and Lydia Nevers, lived in a large wood frame house in Upper Brighton and raised a family of thirteen children there. Scott worked as a cook in lumber camps during the winter and worked the farm during the rest of the year. In later years, Scott was known for entertaining with his tall tales.

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Hello and welcome to Your Roots are Showing. This site documents the families of Carole (Hallett) and Harold Craswell.

It represents a consolidation of various efforts by various family members over the years.


Carole's side

Carleton County, New Brunswick

Almost all of the data concerning Scott and Lydia (Nevers) Hallett and their descendants was compiled by Carole (Hallett) Craswell with the aid of her many family members. She self published three editions of a family book The Halletts of Upper Brighton, Carleton County, New Brunswick detailing the Scott and Lydia Hallet Familes. The contents of the latest edition (2021) are being added to this site. Hallett data concerning Scott's ancestors, siblings and cousins comes from work done initially by George Hayward. It has been (and continues to be) augmented by supporting data from online research sites such as Family Search and Ancestry.


The Orser data derives originally from the research of Daniel Turner. In 1975 he self published Orser: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Aert Williamzen. It has been (and continues to be) verified and augmented by supporting data (including the Long and Nevers family lines) found on online research sites such as Family Search and Ancestry.


Harold's side

Prince Edward Island


Craswell data was initially compiled by Harold's mother Helen (Stevenson) Craswell. It continues to be validated and expanded to include the Roberts, Andrews and Bowen lines.


Virtually all of the Stevenson data was compiled by Harold's uncle Donald Willard Stevenson. He self published The Family of James Miller Stevenson, Fredericton, PEI in 2001. It was produced from research he was doing for a family book which he compiled to mark the 60th wedding of his parents Miller and Frances (MacDowell) Stevenson.

Numerous other family names are also being added into the mix as we continue expand back through the generations and find more cousins.



Our Ancestors

Ercell and Jennie

Carole's maternal grandparents, Ercell Orser and Jennie Long, made their home in Hartland, New Brunswick. Ercell worked with his brother as a blacksmith and later opened a farm equipment sales and service shop. After Ercell's death, the shop was converted to the town hall. He served many years on the Hartland town council.

Millicent (Hallett) Milan

Millicent Hallett, the oldest daughter of Scott and Lydia Hallett, was one of many young men and women who left the Maritime provinces in the 1920s and 1930s to find employment in "The Boston States". She moved to Massachusetts as a young woman and lived there for most of her adult life. She married Albert Milan in 1935. She moved back to New Brunswick shortly before her death in 1963, where she was cared for by her sister.

John Stevenson

John Stevenson was Harold's 4 x great grandfather. He settled with his family in New Glasgow in Queens county Prince Edward Island in approximately 1820. He and His wife Margaret Nesbitt emigrated from Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland. He was a very devout man and was instrumental in establishing the New Glasgow Church of Christ Disciples. He and Margaret had 13 children.

Robert Roberts

Robert Roberts was married to Lottie Andrews and made his home in North Winsloe, Prince Edward Island. He ran a farm and worked as a butcher and cattle dealer. He and Lottie raised a large family. They were among the founding members of the Fairview Baptist Church in nearby North Milton. Robert and Lottie were Harold's great grandparents.

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Family of Robert Roberts and Lottie Andrews - approx. 1911

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