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Hello and welcome to Your Roots are Showing. This genealogy site documents the families of Carole (Hallett) and Harold Craswell.

This started out with Carole suggesting it was time to update the "Hallett" book she did for the family a number of years ago. Then we started talking about how expensive it was to print all that material. Now here we are.

For the first little while we are concentrating on getting the site to look and feel like we want it to, so there is a lot missing. Once that is more or less complete we will turn our attention to adding some of the tons of information we have on both families.

We strive for accuracy as much as possible but this is a hobby and we may not always get things right. If you see anything which is amiss please feel free to contact us to contribute what you can.

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email imageIf you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.


Information about living persons is restricted on this site. You will need to have permissions and be logged on to see photos and detailed information about living persons. Otherwise you will only be able to see the family relationships and initials of living individuals. If you discover any instances where we have revealed detailed information about a living person or if you think other information should be supressed on your immediate family please let us know.


If you wish to provide updates, corrections or additional information to anything you see on this site, you are welcome to provide that information using the Suggest tab. It can be found on individual and family pages on this site. We may not always get the alterations made immediately but we will try to verify and make any alterations as quickly as we can.

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Hallett, Mr Peter
   b. 30 Sep 1827, Upper Brighton, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada
Roberts, Daniel
   b. 1801, Suffolk, England
Roberts, Robert
   b. 9 Aug 1823, Uggeshall, Suffolk, England
Ackland, Emeline Squarebriggs
   b. 1878, Hampshire, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Roberts, Robert
   b. 16 Aug 1855, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Bubar, Mary Jane
   b. 11 Jan 1842, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada
Orser, Laura Mae
   b. 24 Mar 1922, Hartland, Carleton, New Brunswick, Canada
MacDowell, Willard Allan
   b. 30 Jun 1882, Summerside, Prince, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Craswell, Adam Charles
   b. 8 Oct 1864, Rustico, Queens, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Clark, Eva Mae
   b. 1866