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A genealogy of the Hallett and Craswell families.

New Brunswick, Canada


Latitude: 46.8833012, Longitude: -66.1157251


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Adams, Gertrude Emmeline  Abt 1844New Brunswick, Canada I3267
2 Adams, Vernon  31 Jul 1923New Brunswick, Canada I116
3 Bickford, Bennie  13 Mar 1895New Brunswick, Canada I5121
4 Bubar, Damaris  24 Jan 1844New Brunswick, Canada I4892
5 Camp, Lulu Voilet  Abt 1892New Brunswick, Canada I98
6 Carr, Charles  21 May 1841New Brunswick, Canada I3306
7 Choate, Bertha  1913New Brunswick, Canada I4658
8 Clark, Gordon  1915New Brunswick, Canada I4831
9 Clark, Harley  Nov 1910New Brunswick, Canada I4830
10 Clark, Miles  Apr 1906New Brunswick, Canada I4829
11 Clark, Nat  1917New Brunswick, Canada I4832
12 Clark, Nettie  24 Mar 1886New Brunswick, Canada I4834
13 Clark, Pearley John  2 Mar 1890New Brunswick, Canada I4836
14 Clark, Wilmont  1862New Brunswick, Canada I4821
15 Craig, Maria  1796New Brunswick, Canada I3362
16 Dickinson, Benjamin F.  13 Mar 1893New Brunswick, Canada I3342
17 Dunbar, Katherine M  Abt 1917New Brunswick, Canada I4857
18 Dunbar, Robert W  Abt 1891New Brunswick, Canada I97
19 Eddy, Susan  1828New Brunswick, Canada I4019
20 Elliott, Jacob Hiram  Cal 1856New Brunswick, Canada I4028
21 Fowler, Berry  1908New Brunswick, Canada I4681
22 Fowler, Dean  1907New Brunswick, Canada I4680
23 Hallett, Adeline  Abt 1878New Brunswick, Canada I3276
24 Hallett, Allison  1879New Brunswick, Canada I4827
25 Hallett, Cyrus  Abt 1833New Brunswick, Canada I3318
26 Hallett, Esther A  1861New Brunswick, Canada I4825
27 Hallett, Hester Ellen  16 Apr 1832New Brunswick, Canada I3308
28 Hallett, Lucinda  6 Apr 1863New Brunswick, Canada I4822
29 Hallett, Marsden  Abt 1826New Brunswick, Canada I3298
30 Hallett, Marsden  1870New Brunswick, Canada I4826
31 Hallett, Obed E.  22 Jun 1866New Brunswick, Canada I3272
32 Hallett, Peter Henry  Sep 1825New Brunswick, Canada I3266
33 Hallett, William  31 Mar 1793New Brunswick, Canada I3361
34 Kimball, John  Cal 1830New Brunswick, Canada I4669
35 Kimball, Minerva  1868New Brunswick, Canada I4961
36 Kimble, David  1873New Brunswick, Canada I4944
37 Kimble, Hannah  1870New Brunswick, Canada I4950
38 Kimble, Oron  1880New Brunswick, Canada I4946
39 Long, Alice Maud  Cal 1870New Brunswick, Canada I5081
40 Long, Andrew  7 Jun 1877New Brunswick, Canada I3756
41 Long, Annie  Oct 1908New Brunswick, Canada I5013
42 Long, Arilla  May 1901New Brunswick, Canada I5011
43 Long, Charles  7 Jan 1907New Brunswick, Canada I5012
44 Long, Emily J  6 Sep 1898New Brunswick, Canada I5010
45 Long, Eveline  13 Jun 1897New Brunswick, Canada I5009
46 Long, Frances E.  Cal 1877New Brunswick, Canada I5084
47 Long, Frank  7 Jun 1874New Brunswick, Canada I5083
48 Long, Ira Earnest  25 Jul 1880New Brunswick, Canada I5086
49 Long, James W  13 Jul 1868New Brunswick, Canada I5000
50 Long, John  13 Mar 1873New Brunswick, Canada I5082

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hallett, Ann  21 Oct 1860New Brunswick, Canada I3355
2 Melvin, Joseph  7 May 1960New Brunswick, Canada I4042
3 Orser, Charles  1883New Brunswick, Canada I4653


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Born    Person ID 
1 Camp, Lulu Voilet  1892New Brunswick, Canada I98
2 Clark, Elva  8 Apr 1893New Brunswick, Canada I4837
3 Hallett, Elijah  Cal 18 Feb 1837New Brunswick, Canada I3319
4 Hallett, Hester Ellen  1833New Brunswick, Canada I3308
5 Hallett, Hester Ellen  Cal 1842New Brunswick, Canada I3308
6 Hallett, Hester Ellen  Cal 1842New Brunswick, Canada I3308
7 Hallett, Marsden  6 Jan 1873New Brunswick, Canada I4826
8 Hallett, Susan  Jun 1876New Brunswick, Canada I3274
9 Kimball, John  1839New Brunswick, Canada I4669
10 Kimble, Hannah  1880New Brunswick, Canada I4950
11 Long, James W  Jul 1869New Brunswick, Canada I5000
12 McArthur, Karl  Jun 1895New Brunswick, Canada I4872
13 Parker, George Washington (Wash)  1857New Brunswick, Canada I4632
14 Parker, Margaret J.  1847New Brunswick, Canada I4631
15 Parker, William Newcomb  1866New Brunswick, Canada I4630
16 Watson, Kisiah  Cal 1807New Brunswick, Canada I3269


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death    Person ID 
1 Parker, William Newcomb  1940New Brunswick, Canada I4630


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Orser, Nevers P  1889New Brunswick, Canada I4196


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Long, Andrew  1901New Brunswick, Canada I3756
2 Long, James William  1901New Brunswick, Canada I4996
3 Long, Jennie Elizabeth  1901New Brunswick, Canada I10
4 Long, Mary Ann  1901New Brunswick, Canada I4998
5 Long, Mary Ellen  1901New Brunswick, Canada I5004
6 Long, William George  1901New Brunswick, Canada I3757
7 Perry, Ellen Elizabeth  1901New Brunswick, Canada I4995
8 Withrow, Laura Elzina  1901New Brunswick, Canada I3755


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Orser / Kimball  New Brunswick, Canada F1475
2 Orser / Nevers  New Brunswick, Canada F1529
3 Ross / Clark  New Brunswick, Canada F1553

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