Your Roots are Showing

Shaking the Hallett, Orser, Stevenson and Craswell family trees to see what falls out.

What's New (past 30 days)

08 March 2017

Just installed an upgrade to minor release TNG v11.1.  Also applied a few updates I received several months ago.  I had applied them to my internal data but did not realize I had not applied them to the website.  My apologies to the the contributors.

19 March 2016

Just installed an upgrade to major release TNG v11.0.  So far everything looks great but I had to let go of a few modifications which don't work in this version.  They will likely be added over time.  Let me know if you see anything that seems a little weird.

13 March 2016

Loaded lots of ancestors and family on the Craswell side of the family.  I am still verifying some of the data so it may continue to change as I go.

29 Feb 2016

Been away from this awhile.  Dragged off in unexpected directions over the fall.  Just getting back to it now.  

I will not likely have a lot of time to spend on it over the coming months but I plan to start working on it again as time permits.  Updated the software today to TNG version 10.1.3

27 July 2015

Completing loading Lydia (Nevers) Hallett's paternal ancestors back to Elisha Nevers (mid 1700's).

26 July 2015

Completing loading the Peter, Marsden and Robert Hallett family generations.  

29 June 2015

Completing loading all of Scott Hallett Family.  Up to publication of The Halletts of Upper Brighton (October 2002).  Any changes after that date are not recorded but please send us updates.  We have more old photographs to load as well as some older folk including the Peter and Marsden Hallett Families as well as some stories Carole has in her possession.

24 June 2015

Imported a large file of the Stevenson clan.  Courtesy of Donald W. Stevenson.

21 June 2015

Added more inforrmation for the Arnold Hallet Family and for the Bud MacMullin Family

20 June 2015

We've been doing a lot of tweaking on the site so other that the couple of dozen people we initially used to set up the site we have not added much new.  

You may notice that some of the functionality of the site changes from time to time while we continue tweaking.  

Be patient.  There is lots of more information to come...